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Protecting your brain for life
Project Lifesaver is a nationwide program that provides radio transmitter bracelets for those people who may tend to wander away from their home and caregivers. They may have Alzheimer's, autism, dementia, or any other disorder or disease that might cause wandering. Pilot Club of Jackson County helps to fund the program locally and the sheriff's department administers it. We've all seen those sad news stories about an older person or child who wanders off, and the massive searches that are often lengthy and/or unsuccessful. With a Project Lifesaver transmitter, the average time to find is thirty minutes. If you know of someone who could benefit from this program, please contact Jackson County Sheriff's office or a member of Pilot Club.
This Project Lifesaver pin is exclusively 
available from
Pilot Club of Jackson County. 
E-mail us for more information!
 You may have seen the Brainminder™Buddies puppets in local parades or at Safety Jamboree. Your youngsters may have seen them at their schools. Pilot International's trademarked BrainMinders™Program is a flexible program with components for children three to six, six to nine, teenagers, baby boomers and seniors. BrainMinders™  uses puppet shows to educate about the importance of brain safety. Teen and elder care programs illustrate the dangers of brain injuries.
Every summer for the past several
years, Pilot Club of Jackson County
hassponsored and organized a
Safety Jamboree in Ripley, 
West Virginia, the county seat.
With cooperation from other agencies
and clubs in the area, children enjoy a variety of fun and free activities, focusing on brain safety. Adults are included as well, with information booths, infant car seat checks and entertainment. At the most recent Jamboree, items given away to participants included  bike helmets, infant car seats or booster seats, bicycles, and informational leaflets. Photos in our Gallery.
Pilot Club of Jackson County
funds a localdental program 
for underprivileged children in
our communities.  Through
donations, fundraisers, and
with help from cooperating
dentists,  who refer patients,
we pay for dental work that
is not covered by government
insurance programs.  If you would like to donate to this effort,
please mark your donation "For Dental Program." 
You canhelp put a smile on a child's face!
Talking Booksis a free service available to   those whose low vision, blindness, or physicalhandicap makes it difficult to read a standardprinted page. Local cooperating librariesthroughout the country mail audiobooks, magazines, and audio equipment directly to enrollees at no cost.  Pilot Club of Jackson County supports this program by training member volunteers to assist new Talking Book recipients learning how to use their new equipment.  See your local librarian for more information.
Every fall, Pilot Club of Jackson County sponsors aHoliday Extravaganza, a Saturday event that allows local crafters and vendors to showcase their wares in a relaxed and inexpensive venue.
The event is free to attendees, while 
vendors pay a nominal fee for space 
to display items.  Fees are used to 
help fund other projects.  Pilots also 
use this event to spread the word about 
Pilot International and Pilot Club of Jackson County. 
The annual Pilot Club Dinner Theater is one of our major fundraisers in support of projects.This spring event features talented performing artists from the region.  Attendees enjoy a delicious buffet meal while being entertained.  Food, fellowship and even door-prizes accompany on stage performances!